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Phantom Channel
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Wo0 is the founding member of the Belgrade Noise Society, a small group of artists doing some strange things with the medium of sound. As an avant-guitarist Wo0, who has honed his art by performing with the likes of Fennesz, has christened his style as Sky-Noise. Utilising his guitar as a receiver of signals, Wo0 captures the frequencies from radios, computers, media players, remote controls, phones and other inventive mobile devices to create a very subtle, harmonic, deep and oscillating...
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Topics: Phantom Channel, Fennesz, Ambient, Soundscape, Guitar, Experimental, Sky Noise
by Wo0
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The title came from articles I was reading back in 2007. about how each person has inner and outer life. Outer life is supposed to be what we are to society while inner life is what we are to ourselves. It's sort of a new age philosophy that I don't relate to that much, but it was pretty interesting to me at that time. You can still read about this topic on many places around web and magazines, where writers mostly conclude that the best option is to have a harmony between these two. In 2007. I...
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Topics: guitar, experimental, electronic, improvised, atmospheric